Welcome to Six6one Development

We are a boutique web development shop located in the Santa Clarita Valley and have been working with websites and multimedia since 1995.

Our owner and lead developer, Ryan Drake, began his web journey in high school creating web sites for friends in the early days of CompuServe and AOL. During the internet boom inĀ 1999 he began working for the free website service Xoom.com creating product websites for the company’s direct marketing division. From there Ryan has has worked for various web companies, both large and small, allowing him the opportunity to work on projects ranging from small websites and email campaigns for mom & pop shops to major marketing campaigns for large corporations.

At Six6one, we take this experience and provide you with the best solutions to fit your business needs. Whether you need a website, email marketing, professional photos, aerial photos and video, or help with social media, the team at Six6one Development has got you covered.

For a free quote contact us at more@six6one.com!